Snow Day!

Today is our first snow day of the school year, which happened to fall on what would be the last day before Christmas break. It’s almost 10am, and I’m still hanging out in bed. Just listening to my favorite holiday soundtrack. And reading all of my favorite blogs.

Brandon made me some cookies and brought them to me. Isabella just woke up and came to hang out with me. I think today will be just a day of hanging out and relaxing. I have my Christmas shopping done and need to finish up some wrapping. I’d like to head to the grocery store later if the roads clear up.
I am happy they decided to call of school for the day because I hate driving on icy roads, but I worked really hard yesterday to make a bunch of little hot cocoas on a stick and homemade marshmallows. I usually make little gifts every holiday for each of the kids in Isabella’s class. And we made up some cute Christmas boxes to put the hot cocoa and some snowflake shaped marshmallows in. Oh we’ll, I’m going to finish them up and hand them out to friends and family as I see them. Then I’ll make a new batch in the new year.


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