New Year Eve

Happy New Years Eve to you all! I prefer a quiet start to the new year. We usually hang out at my parents house and feast on some yummy food. We always have a cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue. We watch movies and play games. Everyone stays up to watch the ball drop and we ring in the new year nice and quiet. My brother will call at midnight. This year my sister decided to stay home which meant her kids also stayed home. So with just my kids, it’s pretty quiet. I usually like to clean and organize, get a fresh start for the new year. I have been doing it, though not with so much push to get it done. Since I am home everyday, I haven’t really been pushing myself to organize. But I have made some major improvements especially cleaning and organizing my bedroom which seems to be the catch-all for everything that doesn’t have a place. I have been cleaning it and getting rid of a lot of random things, or making each item have its space. I hate when I have to move things to get to other things. My room also houses my work space, so I have been clearing that up to make room to finish some important scrapbooks for a friend and for my cousin. I am also going to actually do my Project Life book this year. I bought it the first year it came out, and haven’t really touched it. So, I have been pinning ideas to make it a great book. This will be the year!

It has been a great year. It has been full and eventful.

February 2012, we moved out of my parents and in to our own home. It has been great and hard. To be in our own space, to control our own lives. It has really been a growing experience. This year my son, Brandon, was diagnosed Bipolar. In addition to already being diagnosed with learning disabilities, adhd, depressive disorder, and oppositional defiance disorder, it feels never-ending. He has many difficulties in his life, and we honestly take each day as it comes. Some are harder than others. Some are absolutely great. Recently, it’s become too difficult to be in school with other kids, so he is being home schooled. It’s only been a few weeks, so we can’t really say it’s good or bad yet. But so far, he has learned more in the few weeks than he has in the last few years. I see great potential in him, and I just so love him.


This year my oldest, Ashley, became a high schooler. It fits her well. She is doing great in her classes. Has some good friends and many great memories that she has made so far, including her first homecoming dance where she learned why I don’t allow high heels!

Ashley Homecoming

Isabella is a fifth grader this year. She is so full of personality (to put it nicely). I love the days we get to spend together snuggling and watching movies. It’s my favorite. She’s always been so snuggly and just fits in my arms. She’s still pretty tiny, but not for much longer. She has actually grown this year which is amazing. She is 10 (and a half!) and has grown from a size 6 in jeans in August to a size 10 this week. Just in height though, you still have to pull the waist bands as tight as they will go.

Isabella Halloween 2012

In September, my brother {FINALLY} married his very long time girlfriend. He is 28 this year and they have been dating since the ninth grade. It was a beautiful wedding. The weather was typical Northern Michigan weather. I think in that day alone it rained, and hailed, and was sunny. It was an outdoor wedding, but they had a tent to cover the ceremony and when Katie started walking down the aisle, you could just see the sun start to shine like crazy. It was great. We all love them!

I think that as much as I have struggled this year, I can’t complain. I love learning and growing and it has definitely been a year for that. I hope 2013 brings in less struggles, but just as much joy and learning. I don’t have too much planned for the next year. Actually I think my only planned event is to go to Mackinac Island with Isabella over Mothers Day Weekend which also happens to be her birthday weekend. We are going with another girl and her mom for a Girl Scout Event. We went this year and it was so much fun, but our whole troop won’t be able to go this coming year, so we decided on just the four of us. So excited. My parents also planned to rent a cottage near there for at least a week in the summer, and for all of us to come visit at some point and go to the island together. It’ll be great. I am also looking to buy my own house in the next year. That is, only if the right one comes along. I am a little too picky as far as the location and size. But I am sure it will come along. I would like to spend the year just enjoying my kids, making many memories, recording those memories, and just being a family making the most of our every day.

My kids at the wedding

What are you looking forward to in the new year? What was your favorite memories of 2012?


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