Children’s Books

I just love children’s books. I really wish my kids would get into reading more for pleasure. Goodness knows we have a TON of books. For Isabella, it feels like she always has a book to read for school, so when she actually reads before bed, it’s usually her current book that needs to be read for some assignment. Last week, her group was reading a book about Eleanor Roosevelt and she waited til the last 2 days of the week to actually start it and had to fit in many pages to not fall behind. She did it though, finishing her chapters and writing her paragraphs. So this week, she did what I usually tell her every week… She started on the first day and had it done two days early, and has written her paragraphs. Come to find out, though, it isn’t due until next Friday, so she was A WEEK and two days early.
It’s just her and I today and tomorrow. Well, it is after midnight… Anyways, since it was just her and I, it was a very quiet night. We chose to pick a book and read. I read most of it to her. The deal was I read, she got to sort and fold socks. When she tired of doing that, we switched. It was nice to have her read to me. It got me thinking… A while ago I pinned a list that was of the top 100 books for children to read. So we looked it up and I made her a challenge that we should read through all 100 books. No time limit. And no pressure. If she wants to read a non-top 100 book, not a problem. As long as she is making an effort to actually read some books, I think it’s great!
So our plan for Saturday is to be up and ready early (I do realize its almost 2am, but oh well, and my early is whatever it takes to be dressed and out the door by 9:30). We are going to do a drive past on a house for sale and hit our favorite (and I think only one here) cupcake shop, and get their newest cupcake, the Bella Nutella. And then we are going to hit the library and see how many of these books they have. My fines may currently be too large to check out books, but we plan to see. At least we can have a look-see and maybe make our own list of what we’d like to read. With getting myself an iPad for Christmas and the girls getting nooks, i feel that we need to spend more unplugged time, and what better way to do it than the library!
Here’s a screen shot of part of our list to read….



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