Saturday evening

It has been such a great day. I’m very much a stay at home person and that’s exactly what I’m doing on a Saturday night. Today Isabella and I got up and had breakfast. Then headed right out to Simply Cupcakes for our Bella Nutella cupcakes. They were delish!

After cupcakes we went to the library and looked at the books. We each picked one. I never make it upstairs to check out the more adult books, and I love children’s books so I picked Clair-de-Lune by Cassandra Golds so far very good. I love that it is about ballet, has beautiful French words, and has a graceful feel to it. I didn’t read what it was about, just picked it up and started reading. (I’m someone who totally picks a book based on its cover, I can’t help it) but I am not too sure about the addition of a talking mouse… Guess that’s what I get for picking a children’s book. Isabella had a hard time picking, but settled on Ten miles past normal by Frances O’Roark Dowell after we each read our books, we are going to switch and read each others books.
We went to my parents house for a bit and then headed back in to town to get some lunch. We went to the GT Pie Company wish is always yummy! And then went to the bookstore next door and wandered around looking at more books. So tonight we are just hanging out, reading and relaxing. Perfect since we are supposed to be expecting a big snowstorm tonight.

We also *finally* got the Christmas tree out of here.


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