Becoming a healthy family

While I would like to lose weight, my main focus for food is just to make healthy eating easy. I don’t want to rely on junk, and I want to cut out the pop, too. My kids are growing, especially my 13 year old son. I want to fill his body with great food, that will keep him satisfied. Not junk that will make him constantly hungry. For my youngest, who is 10, I would like for her to eat foods that will not make her hit puberty early, and also give her the sustenance that will help her get through each day without being hungry and wanting to rely on junk. For my oldest daughter who’s 15, I really want her to just get in the mindset to grab something healthy.
I am not a good cook. But I would like to learn. I would like to keep my fridge and pantry stocked with good and healthy food. I am also someone who doesn’t like to try new things. Unfortunately that has been passed down to my kids.
Health is a big factor. I am overweight, my kids are definitely not. I am not looking to diet, and never have done any diets, except for a group effort with the south beach diet, that lasted a day. I have a son who’s been diagnosed with many disorders, from ADHD to bipolar, and depression to possible anxiety. I want to eliminate the need for medicines or at least help improve his body by getting rid of the toxins he consumes through his diet and products he uses on his body.
I sell products for Ava Anderson Non Toxic which strives to eliminate the toxins in your home through personal and home care products. So I have been replacing our items that we use in the shower and to clean our home. I would like to make the same switch with our food.
How is this going to work? Well kids eat ALL the time. So it’s a big undertaking to make such big changes in our diet, but at the same time, how awesome is it that we CAN make these changes and help our children. For the most part, I provide all the food my children eat. Once in a while they will be out and make the decisions for themselves (which is a perfect time for me to really start teaching them the benefits of good, healthy food and what it can do for their bodies, so they can make those choices by themselves). What got me thinking again about this, is Isabella. She hates healthy food. She is super skinny, but really needs a better diet and become healthy. She is active, she rides her bike constantly, but as far as sports, she will sign up and quit. However, girls on the run started yesterday and I convinced her to sign up. I told her that I would run with her. (I have done about 15 5k’s but have never run one, I usually walk the majority of it, and run a little bit) so far, I am signs up for a 5k in June and one in July, her 5k would be in May. Anyways, she has to bring a snack for 50+/- kids (we pair up with another parent or two) and I would like it to be something healthy. Yesterday the coaches brought in Archer Farms (target brand) organic strawberry real fruit strips. She liked them! So we talked about some other healthy snacks. It was a great conversation, because she also starts bringing in a daily snack for school next week. Up until now, 2 people in the class would plan and bring in snack each week, rotating every week.
I downloaded a few ebooks and I’m going to do some research and come up with some good meal and snack ideas, as well as what should and shouldn’t be included in our diet.